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Books & Articles About Telegraphy
Historical Figures
  • George M. Phelps
    John Casale, AB chapter, has put up a website containing the history of Phelps contribution to the telegraph.
Morse Telegraph Club Chapters
The "Mill"
The "Mill" has been released to the public domain and can be downloaded from the link provided. Many thanks to David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA for his efforts in coordinating this.

The "MILL" is being used by a number of us in the MTC to generate Morse Code at demonstrations, etc.  The program can generate Morse code of your choosing and key a serial port so that you can use an interface to drive a sounder. You can also generate Morse code, selecting the 'tone' option and record the tones and at some later time play the tape with the speaker output of the recorder into a simple interface (tone decoder) which in turn can be connected to a key of your KOB.  Turn on the recorder and you will generate nice Morse.  The program also can generate International Morse code.  Jim has been adding to his original program over the years.  This program has no other equal!! If you are interested in learning Morse code, this program is for you.  Jim also has a simulated sounder sound in his program.

Museums & Historical Societies
  • Spark Museum
    Various electrical history.
  • SCARD - Civil War Signal Corps
    SIGNAL CORPS ASSOCIATION (1860-1865) & Its Re-enactment Division SCARD.  Scholarly site researching the birth of modern military telecommunication with representatives nationwide.  Studies include: wire telegraphy, flag/torch/rocket systems, cipher codes & more!
  • Speedwell - Historic Speedwell
    National historic site of Alfred Vail.  It appears that the Morris County Park Commission has removed all telegraph-related material except for a brief mention of Speedwell.

Railroad-Related Sites
Wireless-Related Sites
Recordings - Audio & Video
    • Recreating Baseball Games from Telegraphed Reports
      5:48 - President Ronald Reagan describing his experiences when he was a sports director in Iowa.
    Recreating Baseball Games from Telegraphed Reports
    Ronald Reagan as WHO Sportscaster, Des Moines, Iowa
    Ronald Reagan as WHO Sportscaster, Des Moines, Iowa
    • Wire to the West - The Cavalcade of America, starring Raymond Massey
      Broadcast August 30, 1949, this was the dramatized story of the birth of Western Union.  The Cavalcade of America was a radio program sponsored by the Du Pont Co.  ("Maker of Better Things for Better Living Through Chemistry").  This is from the 15th year of the series.  The accompanying script is marked "as broadcast."
    Raymond Massey
    Wire to the West
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    They are provided solely as a convenience.

    Technical Information

    Telegraph-Related Sites
    • John Casale's Telegraph History Website and Articles
      If you have not read any of John's writings, you are in for a treat.  And it is all telegraph related!  Of particular interest regarding telegraph instruments, go to this site and click on the Bunnell vs Bunnell story.  The story is rather interesting.  However, watch for a photograph of the cover of a Bunnell catalogue and in the black outline under the photograph is a link listed in red color on black, which old eyes may miss.  Click on the link just described and you will taken to the index of the catalogue.  Find page one and start there.  At the bottom of each page there is a link to the next page.
    • Missouri Pacific RR
      While this is about the RR, check out their Archives for all sorts of tidbits on depots and operations.  Even has a collection of Dispatcher Sheets.  Check it out!
    • N7CFO Newsletter
      Lynn Burlingame has been collecting telegraph instruments for over 20 years.  He has written a newsletter- the "N7CFO Keyletter" since 1992.  His website is worthy of your visit.
    • Sparks Telegraph Review
      Contains a lot of information on both wireless and landline telegraphy.
    • Telegraph Lore
      Greg Raven's site "Dedicated to the study of all aspects of Morse Telegraphy."
    • Telephone Equipment in Railway Applications
      This is an excellent site on telephone equipment used in railroad applications. Lots of good information!
    • The J. H. Bunnell & Company
      Yes, indeed, still in business today.  Lots of information here!  This link is also under Suppliers.
    • The Telegraph Office
      Neal McEwen's Treasure Trove of Landline and Wireless telegraphy and instrument collecting.  Along with Tom Perera's site below, Neal has had an internet museum for a number of years.  The W1TP and Neal's Telegraph Office are both "must visit" websites.
    • The Westbound Stage
      Welcome to the "Old West."  Covers the stage coach, Wells-Fargo, railroads, some telegraph, and other Old West subjects.
    • Tom Perera, W1TP, Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Museums
      Tom has an extensive collection of links and lots of reference about keys from a historical sense.  Includes photographs, drawings, data, links, etc.

    Broken Wires
    Links from the old website that appear to be broken.  Please contact MTC if you have any information about a new, working link.
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